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Explosion-proof LED Lighting Lamp (BZD-158-101 Series) Category:Ex LED lamp

Product Introduction:Scope of application and use:1. For explosive gas mixture hazardous places: Zone1, Zone2;2. Applicable to combustible dust places: Zone 21, Zone 22;3. Applicable to ⅡA, ⅡB, ⅡC explosive gas environment;4. Applicable to T1 ~ T6 group tempe……

  • product description
       Scope of application and use:

1. For explosive gas mixture hazardous places: Zone1, Zone2;

2. Applicable to combustible dust places: Zone 21, Zone 22;

3. Applicable to ⅡA, ⅡB, ⅡC explosive gas environment;

4. Applicable to T1 ~ T6 group temperature class;

5. Applicable to energy-saving renovation projects and inspection and replacement of difficult places;

6. Applicable to places containing corrosive gases, humidity, and environment with high protection requirements;

7. Widely used in petroleum extraction, refining, chemical industry, military industry and other hazardous environments and offshore oil platforms, tankers and other places.

Product features:

1.The shell adopts high-strength aluminium alloy die-casting, after shot blasting, high-pressure electrostatic spraying; strong corrosion resistance, anti-corrosion grade reaches WF2;

2.LED light source adopts international famous brand chip;

3.Special constant current power supply, high efficiency, low power consumption, constant output power, and has an open circuit, short circuit, overheating protection to ensure that the LED light source works reliably, giving full play to the LED high efficacy, energy saving, long life characteristics;

4.Lamps adopt integrated design, light source cavity, electrical cavity and wiring cavity of three independent, light source cavity, power supply cavity is completely isolated, to ensure that the heat generated by the light source and power supply can be quickly emitted;

5.Transparent cover is made of toughened glass, which has the performance of high temperature resistance and heat resistance;

6.The lamps adopt pure explosion-proof structure, with excellent explosion-proof performance;

7.Lamps’ combination of surface are set up a good sealing structure, sealing ring are used silicone rubber materials, high temperature resistance, anti-aging, the shell protection level to IP65;

8.The luminaire can be equipped with emergency, and the emergency does not need to be equipped with another electrical box.